French Laundry Reservations (Yountville, Napa Valley, CA)

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Are you struggling to make French Laundry reservations? Tired of calling and getting only busy signals?

No longer!

Here's what to do:

1. Follow my tips on this post on how to use OpenTable to make a new reservation.
2. Browse around the forum and/or ask for help there. See if anyone has posted a cancellation in the re-homing forum.
3. Find a cancellation on OpenTable. Weekday dinners and Friday lunches are canceled regularly. Especially tables for 4. Check back often.

Past diners say:
People are not kidding! Getting a French Laundry reservation is basically impossible by phone, and my brother and I are not VIPs. We're just people who love the whole culinary experience, and now we can enjoy it, thanks to Aren. We had French Laundry reservations less than 24 hours after contacting him. He's the real thing.
- Shaden M.

We had always heard that getting a reservation for the French Laundry was an improbable if not impossible task, and therefore, never attempted it until we were directed to Aren Sandersen's website. I really wanted to get a reservation for my husband Jim's birthday, and Aren was able to secure lunch reservations for us for both Friday and Saturday of Jim's birthday weekend! We went to lunch on Saturday, and the French Laundry deserves its reputation for fine food and impeccable service. Thank you again for everything, Aren, and we have recommended your website to several friends who thought they would never be able to experience the French Laundry. We will definitely try it again in a different season.
- Linda & Jim Barnes, Sacramento, CA

Aren was able to get us two reservations at French Laundry during the three nights that we will be in Napa, so we could choose which night worked out best for our schedule. We tried relentlessly to call to get a reservation in case Aren wasn't able to get one. I had four people speed dialing and not one of us came close to getting a reservation. What a waste of our time! Alas, Aren was successful in both of his attempts. Thanks Aren!
- Jennifer R. Kramer, MPH, PhD

THANK YOU for making a dream come true...! My partner is a true foodie and her greatest wish has always been to dine at the FL... When I realized how difficult it would be to get a reservation for our honeymoon... I turned to you... and am truly thankful I did... Not only were you a pleasure to work with, but you delivered not one, but TWO, reservations from which we could choose. The meal at the FL was, to say the least, unforgettable. And we have already recommended your remarkable services to several friends. Thank you for what you do!!
- K. Wolf

Aren helped me make my sister's birthday wish of dining at the French Laundry come true. Thanks again for the help.
- Sherman Buena

Like everyone else, I tried in the past to get a reservation to French Laundry going the traditional phone route and I was never successful. I gave up. Then one day a few years later, I stumbled across Aren's website and by filling out one webform, I had my long-awaited reservation to FL! Aren's service was easy to use and Aren's site offers plenty of great insider information. I highly recommend using Aren to book FL!
- Jeff Spaulding

Aren really has this down - I received my e-mail confirmation from the French Laundry at 12:00:03. Amazing! Moreover, our dinner was to celebrate our engagement (I proposed earlier in the day), so I wanted everything to go perfectly - Aren was incredibly accommodating in ensuring that all went well.
- Jeff M.

What an amazing service Aren provides - at first, we thought it was too good to be true but sure enough, everything worked out and we had our dream date at the one and only French Laundry.
- Sarah Seider and Dave Richardson

Thanks for procuring us a table for our first true visit to WIne Country. The experierience was wonderful, and we appreciate your noble and very cool gesture. Much obliged!
- Tom T.

I want to thank Aren for achieving what seemed to be an otherwise impossible feat: 2 reservations at the French Laundry within the same week. We had a lovely time and you made the process so simple and human.
- Elizabeth Montes

I was a bit skeptical of sending my credit card info to a stranger, but I'm glad I did. After being completely frustrated by the process of trying to make a FL reservation myself, Aren got me my first choice of dates within a couple of days. The meal was amazing--you won't regret it.
- Ciamac Moallemi, San Francisco, CA

When I decided to take my husband to the French Laundry for his "significant" birthday, I intended to keep trying until I was successful, even if it meant I would miss his birthday. I contacted a Concierge who would charge me $75 if successful and scoured the internet looking for tips on getting a reservation. When I read that it was possible to capture the Open Table reservation when it became available, I had to try. After all, how often can you eat in the restaurant voted "best in the world"? To my suprise (and the suprise of everyone who told me it would be impossible) I found I had a table for two on the exact day I wanted.
We had a great night. Not only was the food amazing and well deserving of its high rating, but we had fun. My husband speaks of it on a daily basis and tells me "Thank you for my birthday present" frequently. We definitely have to go back. Maybe we can start a French Laundry Fan Club and book the private room on an annual basis.

Thanks for all of your help.
- Toni and Kevin Campbell, Seattle, WA

Having gotten on Per Se's waitlist after a huge amount of effort by multiple people (close but no meal), I was determined to eat at TFL. I saw a rather bizarre "ad" on line: this guy, Aren, offering to make reservations for TFL - just email your CC# and let him know the date... I thought, "what the hell!" I sent it, Aren made the reservation and we had an incredible night. The food, the service and the company were fabulous! Thank you, Aren, for a very lovely evening.
- Ellen F., North Carolina

I've tried to get into French Laundry to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday two years in a row, calling exactly 2 months to the date before I wanted to attend, when reservations first open up. By the time I got through, all dinner reservations were taken. This year I did a little searching and found Aren's tips, and asked him to help me get the OpenTable reservation. Aren and OpenTable totally came through and we got a table for 4 on a Saturday night. Perfection!
- Valerie at Hoecke dot com.

Aren Sandersen provided us with wonderful service and technical know-how to get us into the French Laundry for the meal of a life time! His online reservation magic with really worked!
- Andy C in El Cerrito

I strongly recommend using Aren and OpenTable to make reservations at the French Laundry. Without him, you would have to call and call and call the restaurant two months (to the date) prior to when you want to have a reservation. It takes forever to get through. What a hassle! But with Aren and Open table, you can send an e-mail and it is all taken care of. It is Fantastic!!!